Privacy Policy

Decibell never stores your personal information on a server or device, it does however store tokens, provided by Spotify, which can be used to identify your Spotify account and the information you grant permission the app to have when you authorise the Decibell Spotify Application. These tokens are short lived and refreshed via a secure web protocol roughly once per hour, depending on use.

This website uses Google Analytics to monitor performance and track events which are used to make improvements to the website. None of these events or the tracking information can be used to identify you personally. Please read the Google Privacy Policy for more information; any enquiries about Google's analytics products should be taken up with them as outlined in their privacy policy. By using this website you consent to anonymous data being collected about your time on this website which includes, but is not limited to, location, IP address, browser and operating system.

You can view the last amendment date of this policy below, which will be kept up to date with any changes.

Last Updated: 21/04/2015